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Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye of the Demon

This amulet resembles nothing so much as an eyeball from a freshly slain corpse. It's dull black pupil seems to stare at anyone nearby, while the setting of reddish metal resembles nothing so much as dried blood encrusting the ugly orb. The entire amulet is an inch or so in diameter, and hangs from a silver chain that remains tarnished no matter how much it is polished. The Eye radiates Superb divination magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal its magic and the command word required to activate it.

When the Eye's command word is spoken, a ghostly eye forms in the air in front of the bearer and their point of view is transferred to this ghostly object. The bearer can command the Eye to fly at Superb speed, carrying along their point of view as it travels. The vision provided by this artifact allows the viewer to see in the dark and view invisible or out of phase objects normally. The bearer can carry out no other actions while using the Eye, and a successful attack upon the user disrupts the magical link.

The Eye can be invoked up to three times per day, each invocation lasting 10 minutes. The Eye moves with Great stealth, and its insubstantial form has Great protection from mundane forms of attack, though any magical attack will disrupt it.
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