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Friday, January 9, 2009


This heavy obsidian-headed mace is carved in the shape of a three-faced human skull. The eyes of the skull are set with faceted rubies that seem to glow with an inner fire. The butt of the steel haft bears a cabochon cut ruby and the haft itself is carved with a diamond crisscross pattern, providing a solid grip. The upper portions of the haft are enameled with straight black lines running from the top of the diamond engravings to the mace head itself. The top of the haft protrudes a short distance beyond the end of the mace head and is capped with a broad steel disc.

Identifying the magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Good damage and accuracy enhancement
  • Superb destructive magic vs. undead
  • Great sound enchantment
  • Epic cursed nature
  • Blastbone radiates good

The mace has the following powers and abilities:
  • Triple normal damage when used against undead
  • Good damage and accuracy bonus in when used against non-undead
  • Once per day the skull heads can be commanded to scream. This piercing scream affects all undead within 60'. It destroys lesser undead instantly and causes greater undead Great harm.
  • If undead are encountered Blastbone's owner must resist a Superb compulsion or immediately engage them in melee. Once engaged he or she will continue to fight so long as undead are present.
  • If the owner of Blastbone is slain by undead, he or she immediately rises as an undead revenant, targeting the undead that killed them. Once this task is accomplished they collapse to dust and are irrevocably slain.
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