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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dwarf Wire

The Elves may be known for their rope, but Dwarves prefer wire. Dwarf Wire is formed from the finest mithril-infused silver drawn through complex dies built from the spinnerets of giant spiders. Each length is wound upon enclosed ivory spools and soaked in a bath of troll's blood and gray ooze ichor, making it uniquely malleable. Each spool contains a single 49 foot long strand of Dwarf Wire, as fine as a slender thread. Once pulled forth from the spool the Wire must be activated within 10 minutes or it crumbles to dust. It can be used in one of the following ways:
  • Spread - A length of Wire may be pulled and flattened, forming a rigid, opaque sheet up to three feet wide and as long as the original segment. This sheet will instantly adhere to any stone or metal surface it touches, creating an almost unbreakable panel. It could be placed vertically to form a barrier or laid flat to form a walkway for example. A sheet is so thin and rigid that any creature impacting the edge suffers a Good damage cut.
  • Thicken - A length of Wire can be twisted, causing it to thicken into a rod-like construct, up to six inches in diameter. The rod will instantly adhere to any stone or metal surface it touches, creating a solid protrusion or bar.
  • Flow - When shaken a length of Wire will become soft and jelly-like. When touched to any metal or stone surface it fills any cracks, seams or gaps it encounters, then transmutes into the native material, instantly repairing any breach, crack or damage.
Dwarf Wire remains flexible and movable for ten minutes after it is cut from its spool. Once that time has passed it becomes rigid and almost unbreakable (Superb toughness), permanently bonded to any stone or metal surface it was in contact with.
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