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Thursday, November 12, 2009


This artifact is a three inch crystal of crystal clear quartz wrapped in a net of silver wire fitted with a single loop so it can be hung or worn as a pendant. The item radiates faint warmth when held. A clever craftsman or jeweler will recognize the work as Dwarven craftsmanship. A test for magical properties will reveal Fair evocation magic at work. A Good test of Dwarven lore will reveal three runes of the Dwarves secret language woven into the mesh of silver wire. Holding or wearing the Lampstone and speaking one of the runes will invoke the item's powers:
  • Light - The Lampstone produces a clear white light. Initially this light is dim (equivalent to candle-light), but blowing on the Lampstone can increase the intensity up to that of a bright lantern. A second invocation of the rune will extinguish the light. This power can be invoked at will and lasts as long as desired.
  • Share - When this word is spoken and the Lampstone is touched to another stone, it causes the target to begin glowing with the intensity of a torch. The touched stone will glow for four hours. Touching it again with the Lampstone will extinguish its light. This power can be invoked seven times per day.
  • Flare - When this word is spoken the Lampstone will create a great burst of white light, filling a 30 foot radius sphere for a brief duration. Any sighted creature within the area of effect that is unprepared will be blinded for 2d6 rounds (Great resistance check to avoid). This power can be invoked three times per day.
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