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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Gunja are the spirits of humans slain by violence who have not been given proper funeral rites. Their violent death combined with lack of interment has left them trapped in the material realm. Gunja appear to be shadowy humanoids that are nearly invisible in low light, so they may be mistaken for other forms of ghostly undead. Gunja haunt the area near their remains, seeking final rest.

Gunja have the following characteristics:
  • Chilling aura. Anyone within 30' of a Gunja will be affected by their unearthly chill, suffering a Fair penalty to all physical actions (Good difficulty to resist).
  • Immaterial form. Gunja are naturally insubstantial, making them immune to most physical and magical attacks. Immaterial Gunja can pass through solid objects without hindrance. Gunja can become fully material, and must do so to carry out physical attacks. Becoming material takes three full rounds, with attacks by and against them having an effect in proportion to their level of materialization (i.e. one-third effect in the first round, two-thirds effect in the second). Transitioning from physical to immaterial form also takes three rounds.
  • Controlled visibility. While immaterial Gunja can become invisible, appear as a ghostly shadow, or become fully visible at will. When fully visible Gunja appear as they did when they died. Each change of form takes one round.
  • Gunja can magically project negative emotion reflecting the cause of their death (fear, rage, despair being typical). The target of this projection must resist (Great difficulty) or be afflicted with the projected emotion for 4-8 rounds.
  • A materialized Gunja can make physical attacks (Good skill, two clawing attacks)
  • Materialized Gunja can also attempt to haunt their victim. The target of a haunting attack must resist (Superb difficulty) or be haunted by the Gunja. They physical form of the Gunja vanishes if a haunting is successful (see below for effect).
A haunted victim will experience visions of the death of the haunting Gunja, along with mental suggestions to seek out the Gunja's remains and grant them a proper interment. The visions and suggestions will reoccur on a daily basis until the victim complies with the suggestion. Exorcising a Gunja is a Superb test of divine magic.

If the physical form of a Gunja is destroyed or a Gunja is exorcised it vanishes, only to rise again from its remains at midnight on the next new moon.

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