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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Lucky Penny

This worn copper coin is easily overlooked in the typical dragon's hoard. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than a regular coin, albeit a bit shinier than most. Closer examination reveals that it is no standard coin. On the face it bears the head of a winking dragon, on the reverse a lotus flower. If tested for magical properties, the coin radiates Superb illusion magic, which obscures any other enchantment it may bear (exactly the purpose). To attune the coin, the owner must carry it on their person for one week.

The coin has the following characteristics:
  • Fair bonus to any activity involving the exchange of cash or valuables, such as trade or barter.
  • Fair bonus to any test involving surprise or sneak attacks. The owner naturally avoids such things, generally in a lucky fashion rather than with skill.
  • When making a binary choice (heads we do X, tails we do Y), the coin will flip the more beneficial answer 75% of the time. This power can be used thrice per day, any additional flips will behave normally. Note that the owner may not actually know the limit on flips per day.
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