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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sacrificial Pool

The Pool is an ancient construct formed from a dozen massive blocks of crudely shaped granite. The structure consists of eight blocks that form a stone basin or pool, about eight feet in length. Each of these blocks is inscribed with a series of symbols or runes from some long forgotten language. At one end of the pool three stone blocks form a waist-high table that slants downward toward the pool. A shallow channel is cut into the upper surface of this platform.

The Pool radiates Legendary necromantic and alteration magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the grim magic it contains.

To invoke the magic of the Pool it must be filled with earth. When a living creature is sacrificed upon the Pool's table and the proper ritual is performed, the victim's life essence will flow down the table and into the pool. The magical reaction that follows creates a homunculus with the rough form of the victim. A second ritual, involving marking the newly formed creature with the user's blood, establishes control over it.

The Pool can be used as often as desired, so long as victims and earth are available for the ritual. With care the stones of the Pool can be taken apart and transported, though each of the 11 stones weighs a thousand pounds or more.

The creatures created by the ritual have the following characteristics:
  • Average attack and movement - The homunculus' limbs are shaped to crude stabbing or cutting weapons. They move at a slow but steady pace.
  • Fair defense and toughness - The creature's body is dense and tough, covered with a stony shell.
  • Epic endurance - As a magical construct the created creature feels no fatigue and does not require food or drink.
  • Mindless obedience - The creature can follow simple commands given by whoever completed the second ritual when it was created. Orders beyond "guard this place" or "destroy that person" are beyond its comprehension.

Pool creatures cannot be healed so any damage inflicted is permanent. Once destroyed they revert to muddy earth. A victim sacrificed on the Pool's platform is permanently slain unless a portion of the homunculus raised from their life essence can be recovered.
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