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Friday, May 29, 2009

One Liners

A handful of item short takes today. I'm feeling a bit scattered, so rather than a single item, here are a few quick ideas that can be used as is, or fleshed out to as needed. Sometimes I feel being too detailed is a bad thing, leaving no wiggle room for the GM.
  • The Mantis - An ornate mace with a handle carved and enameled to resemble a praying mantis at rest. The mace head is held within the mantis's forelimbs. Fair damage and accuracy weapon, with Great damage bonus versus insects.
  • Intruder's Hand - A short, thick-bladed dagger with a solid iron hilt ending in a heavy, round pommel. The weapon is curiously unbalanced, using the blade in combat incurs a Fair penalty to accuracy. The pommel makes quite an effective billy club however, providing a Good chance to stun human-sized foes. The blade is an admirable pry, granting a Fair bonus to opening doors or locks if it can be applied.
  • Bawd's Stein - This plain pewter mug is the working girl's friend. It negates the effect of any poison or drug placed within. With a word the owner can also remove the alcohol from any beverage poured into the Stein, or cause it to simply disappear. The Stein also serves as a Fair quality weapon in a bar fight.
  • Cloudwrap - At first glance this item is nothing more than a gray silk cloak with a polished iron clasp. Once donned the item's power becomes apparent, as the cloak transforms, becoming a mantle of shifting gray clouds which provide a Good defensive bonus and Great resistance to electrical attacks. Twice per day the wearer can become insubstantial for five rounds, immune to physical attack and able to pass through small openings with ease.
  • The Chameleon's Dish - Cut from maple burlwood, this oval plate has a polished face and an ornate rim carved with intertwined chameleons. Thrice per day the plate can be commanded to transform any meal it holds into food of the finest quality, removing any taints or poisons in the process.
There you have it! Enjoy your weekend!
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