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Friday, May 8, 2009

Witching Blade

The Witching Blade is a slender, silver-bladed dagger about 18 inches in length from tip to pommel. The blade itself is polished to a perfect mirror-like finish, both edges sharp as razors. The guard is cut from some oily, black, eldritch stone, its surface carved with a chaotic maze of runes and symbols of power. The grip is wrapped in finely scaled, yellowed hide fastened with silver tacks. The pommel is an uncut crystal of smoky quartz.

The Witching Blade radiates Good alteration and enhancement magic. A Good test of divination magic will reveal weapon's powers and a second Good test the ritual required to attune the Blade to a new owner. The Blade must be held for its powers to manifest. Once attuned it has the following properties:
  • Fair quality melee weapon with a Fair bonus to accuracy.
  • Fair protection against charm or curse magic directed at the owner.
  • Good bonus to charm, curse or enhancement magic use attempts by the owner.
  • Good bonus to any ritual magic use attempts by the owner involving the sacrifice of living creatures, provided the Blade is used to make the sacrifice.
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