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Monday, May 11, 2009

Grim Monday: Hell Crows

Pestilential infernals from the nether planes, Hell Crows are occasionally summoned / sent to the material plane to harass and torment the living. Though they rank among the least powerful demonic beings, their raucous and aggressive nature makes them annoying foes to deal with.

Hell Crows have two forms. The first is that of a large crow with exceptionally heavy claws and a steely sheen to its feathers. The second is a roiling cloud of shadow that moves through the air with uncanny speed. Bloody claws, glittering eyes and ragged feathers occasionally take shape within the dark mass. No matter what form they take, the smell of decay and death follows Hell Crows wherever they fly.

The creatures have a malevolent nature, using all the powers at their disposal to torment their target. Hell Crows sent to the material plane by a more powerful being will usually have a specific victim assigned. They can also be summoned and controlled with Superb test of demonology lore combined with a Superb test of ritual magic. Occasionally Hell Crows are drawn by summonings directed at more powerful beings, slipping through the provided gateway while the summoner's attention is focused elsewhere. These free-willed Crows are drawn to negative magical energy, particularly those with a curse (for example) inflicted upon them. Once they discover a victim the Crows use their own powers to increase the victim's suffering.

Hell Crows have the following powers and abilities:
Crow form:
  • Good toughness
  • Good flying ability
  • Good resistance to mundane physical damage
  • Good physical attack with beak and claws
  • Fair regeneration
  • Raucous call - cause fear in mundane beasts, at will
Cloud form
  • Good toughness
  • Great flying ability
  • Epic resistance to mundane physical damage
  • Superb stealth
  • Good regeneration
  • Good strength-draining attack
Hell Crows slain on the material plane revert to their cloud form and regenerate completely in one day. They can be banished to their original plane with a Great test of demonology combined with a Great test of divine magic.
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