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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goblin's Eye

Goblin's Eye is a rather ugly piece of work. It is shaped to resemble a complete eyeball, though it will take a few moments study to see the resemblance. The 'white' of the eye is a blob of petrified and dessicated pitch-black tar, crudely formed into a globular shape and shot through with silvery specks of mithril. The iris is a roughly smoothed moonstone that features an orange-yellow inclusion in the center that forms the pupil of the eye. It is difficult to say whether the entire piece was created by hand or a natural oddity. Whatever its origins, the piece now radiates Superb alteration and enchantment magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the process required to unlock the item's powers, though only someone willing to perform the required ritual will comprehend the item's powers.
To unlock the item's powers the owner must sacrifice one of their own eyes. Goblin's Eye must be placed within the empty socket, where it will begin to graft itself to the owner's body immediately. After a week of healing the Eye will be fully integrated and reveal its capabilities to its new owner gradually. Once grafted the Eye can only be removed with a Legendary test of dispelling magic and surgery in combination. Goblin's Eye grants the following powers to its owner:
  • True Sight - the owner gains perfect vision capable of seeing invisible objects, revealing hidden openings or traps, and piercing illusions with ease. Maintaining the Sight requires concentration, no other actions other than speech and minimal gestures can be carried out while using this power. It is a passive ability and can be used at will.
  • Shadow Eye - the owner can pluck out a shadowy copy of Goblin Eye from their own skull. This Shadow Eye is a physical manifestation, though it is nearly invisible. Once drawn forth the Shadow Eye will relay a mental image of its surroundings to the Eye's owner (30 foot radius). It can be placed upon a solid surface or simply left floating in the air. The Shadow Eye can be drawn forth three times per day and lasts two hours per use. Only one Shadow Eye can be active at once. While a Shadow Eye is active no other power of the Eye can be used.
  • Greedy Gaze - The Eye's owner gains a Superb ability to appraise mundane objects. A moment's study revealing the monetary of anything they see. This power can be invoked at will.
  • Piercing Vision - Once per day, the owner can focus their gaze to look through solid objects. This power pierces stone, wood and most metals with ease (though lead will block this power). Piercing vision lasts ten rounds when invoked.
  • Goblin Awe - Over the course of time deep understanding of goblin culture and society will filter into the owner's consciousness, along with perfect command of the goblin language and its many dialects. Goblins that encounter the Eye's owner will be awed by their presence, providing a Superb advantage in any negotiation or social conflict.
Using Goblin's Eye has some significant consequences:
  • Once in place the Eye will gradually alter the host's body to resemble that of a goblin. This alteration begins with the flesh nearest the Eye, gradually turning skin greenish or gray, altering bone structure and musculature. The process is gradual, taking several years for complete conversion.
  • When invoking Greedy Gaze the owner must succeed at a Good test of resolve or succumb to their own avarice. Lying about the value of objects to obtain a lion's share of wealth for themselves.
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