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Monday, August 24, 2009

Grim Monday: The Curse of Shrieks

This curse was originally created as a punishment for those convicted of murder. The accursed is plagued by the death shrieks of their victims which randomly replace the normal sounds of everyday living. The curse manifests itself twenty or more times a day, with no regard for the original sound's volume. The faint chirping of a cricket, the laugh of a boisterous bar patron, or the voice of a merchant negotiating with a customer are all equally likely to be turned into a hideous shriek.

There are two versions of this curse. The original form can only be applied to someone that has slain another sentient being, and requires a drop of the dead being's blood to cast. The second, less potent form can be cast upon anyone. The former version requires Legendary dispel magic to remove, while the later can be dispelled with a Superb test.
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