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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun Gliders

These cliff-dwelling lizards are four to six feet in length. At first glance they are unremarkable, but closer study shows they are worthy of some caution.

Sun Gliders inhabit rocky outcroppings and cliff walls in desert environments, making their dens in cooler crevices and caves. Their pebbled brown hide blends in well with their typical habitat, making them difficult to spot when they are not moving, which is most of the time. Sun Gliders are lurking predators, stationing themselves above food or water sources, then pouncing upon prey that passes below. They take their name from their habit of resting on sunny cliffs, and their ability to flatten their body and glide through the air for significant distances to land on unsuspecting prey. Victims are dispatched with a combination of heavy claws and a venomous bite, though the creatures are not strong fighters, preferring to strike, then let their poisonous bite do the work.

Sun Gliders have the following characteristics:
  • Average toughness.
  • Great climbing ability.
  • Good poisonous bite.
  • Fair camouflage in rocky or sandy environments.
  • Fair gliding capability for short distances.
Sun Gliders are generally regarded as pests by most sentient races. Though they usually will not bother human-sized targets, preferring smaller prey, a weakened individual might be a attacked. Sun Gliders generally live in small groups, though there does not seem to be any form of cooperation between members. It is rumored that the venom sacs of an adult Sun Glider can be milked, producing 1-3 doses of Good strength injected poison.
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