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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This item consists of a pair of dove-gray slipper-like shoes made from the finest velvet and soled and trimmed with soft black leather. A narrow strap adorned with a plain silver buckle secures the shoes in place, and a delicate pattern of silver beads across the toe provides a bit of decoration. Shadowfoot radiates Great alteration and illusion magic, and a Good test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers:
  • Shadowfoot will adjust to fit any humanoid wearer from the tiniest faerie to the largest giant.
  • Shadowfoot provides the wearer with a Good bonus to their hide attempts, so long as they are at least partially obscured by something's shadow.
  • When shadows are present the shoes allow the wearer to alter their appearance, taking on the aspect of the shadows and whatever is casting it. Hiding under a tree might allow them to appear as a shadowed branch, while hiding in a torch-lit bar would allow them to take the shape of a cask of ale or a part of the stone pillar. This power provides a Superb bonus to hiding and can be invoked thrice per day, lasting ten rounds per invocation.
  • The wearer can walk through shadow, instantly transporting themselves from one location to another with a full round of concentration. To invoke this power the wearer must stand within a shadow and concentrate for one round, at which time they will vanish and reappear at their chosen destination. The destination must be connected to their starting location by an unbroken area of shadow, and be visible to the wearer when this power is invoked. Once transported the wearer must take a round of action to reorient themselves to their new location. This power can be invoked as often as desired.
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