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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Belt of the Swashbuckler

This item appears to be nothing special, a simple brown leather belt with decorative bronze plates sewn along its length, and fitted with a matching bronze buckle. There are two scabbards of matching leather stiffened with bone fitted to the belt, one suitable for a long sword, the other for a dagger. Checking for magical properties will reveal the item is enchanted with Fair protection and alteration magic. A Good test of divination magic will reveal its magical properties, activated by a command word:
  • The belt provides a Fair protection against physical or magical harm.
  • The scabbards will adjust themselves to fit any blade of similar size and shape (i.e. any sort of one-handed sword and dagger).
  • Thrice per day the wearer can recall a blade drawn from either scabbard to their hand from anywhere within 60' (including thrown or dropped weapons or from the scabbard itself). The weapon instantly appears in the wearer's hand ready for use.
  • There is a small hidden compartment in the sword scabbard. This compartment may hold up to ten pounds of very small items (coins, gems and the like).
  • The belt and any contents weigh next to nothing when worn.
  • Once donned, only the wearer can remove the belt or any of its contents.

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