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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cloak of Asps

This ornate, knee-length cloak of serpent skin glistens and glitters as it moves, each scale of the carefully prepared hides catching the light like tiny sequins. The many individual skins are sewn into a larger representation of six entwined serpents. Tiny beads of turquoise and obsidian are worked into the pattern, creating a beautiful (Superb quality) garment. Attempts to discern the item's magical properties will reveal Great protection and poison magic, and Superb alteration magic at work. A Great test of divination magic will unlock the secrets of the cloak.

The Cloak of Asps imbues the wearer with the following powers and abilities:
  • Good protection bonus from physical attack.
  • Great resistance to poison damage.
  • Mantle of Vipers - The serpent images on the cloak animate, becoming six living serpents protruding from the wearer's back and shoulders. Each serpent attacks anyone within striking distance of its master, inflicting Good physical damage and injecting the target with a Great strength poison. Each serpent has Good toughness, and if slain becomes inert for one week. This power lasts 6 rounds and can be invoked once per day.
  • Serpent Form - The wearer can change their physical form to that of a large serpent, gaining all the physical abilities of a snake, including a Great potency poisonous bite. All carried items are transformed along with the wearer. Serpent Form lasts one hour and can be invoked once per day.

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