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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sand Digger

The Sand Digger is a desert creature that burrows beneath the sand. It is an ambush predator, burying itself near water or a food source and pouncing on unsuspecting prey when it approaches.

The Digger is a worm-like creature averaging eight feet in length and a foot or more in diameter. It has a tough, leathery hide dotted with small hook-like spines that help it burrow through sandy soil. Its senses prey by vibrations in the earth, being nearly blind.

The creature has a pair of retractable, feathery antennas it can raise above the ground, forming a small shaded area attractive to its prey, typically rodents and reptiles. Once it detects prey the Digger attacks, spraying its victim with a blinding, acidic gel, then bursting forth and striking the target with its tough body. Victims are consumed entirely, the Digger's acidic saliva softening flesh and bone so even large victims become manageable meals. Though Diggers usually target smaller prey they are capable of slaying larger creatures. A careless camel or wandering human will be attacked just as readily as a snake or rabbit. Diggers have been known to leave large victims on the surface as lures for scavengers, vultures being more manageable prey.

The Sand Digger has the following characteristics:
  • Good toughness
  • Fair burrowing
  • Terrible vision
  • Superb hiding
  • Great vibration sense
  • Acidic spittle - 15' range, Good damage, causes blindness
  • Strikes with body for Average damage
  • Great immunity to acid

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