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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clockwork Chariot

When first discovered the Clockwork Chariot might be mistaken for a work of art with its delicate silver spokes, carefully sculpted horses, and gold leaf trim. A magical examination will reveal the device's true nature as a weapon of war however.

The Chariot is a two-wheeled conveyance capable of carrying three people. The chariot's body is shaped from panels of beaten bronze etched with a pattern of sun and stars over a wooden frame. The entire thing is further decorated with gold leaf and polished rails of black wood. The Chariot is pulled by two iron-shod horses carved from blocks of jade connected with mithril and silver clockworks. The horses are connected to the chariot with harnesses made of pure white leather, each controlled by delicate silver reins.

Checking the chariot for magical properties will reveal Legendary animation, protection, and alteration magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the device's command words:
  • Word of Activation - The person who takes the reins and speaks this word claims ownership of the device. The Chariot will only function at the command of its current owner. Ownership is relinquished using the Word of Release or upon the owner's death.
  • Word of Release - This word relinquishes ownership of the Chariot, allowing another to claim it as their own.
  • Word of Motion - The Chariot acts as a normal conveyance, carrying up to three human-sized beings and light baggage at Superb speed for eight hours. After eight hours travel the Chariot must 'rest' for four hours before being used again.
  • Word of War - When this word is uttered the Chariot transforms into a weapon of war. The wheels sprout protruding spines while the horses gain silvery barding, spikes upon their hooves, and an aura of violet flame. Invisible barriers rise around the passengers, protecting them from attack. The Chariot can carry three human-sized beings. The owner must direct the Chariot, but the other two are free to carry out other actions. The Chariot remains in 'war mode' for up to one hour, after witch it must 'rest' for four hours before being used again.
  • Word of Destruction - While active under a Word of War, the Chariot's owner can invoke the Word of Destruction. When this word is spoken the horses pulling the Chariot breath violet flame in an arc 60' long, 30' wide in front of the Chariot. This flame does Superb damage (Epic resist test to avoid) and disintegrates any mundane weapon within its area of effect. This word can be used twice per Word of War activation.
The Chariot has the following characteristics:
  • Superb speed - While active the Chariot moves as fast as a galloping horse. It provides a perfectly stable and comfortable ride to its passengers however, even when carrying out violent maneuvers. The Chariot can travel over any sort of ground as if it were flat road.
  • Epic defense and toughness - The Chariot itself is very difficult to damage and any damage done repairs itself after a day of inactivity.
  • Superb protection - In war mode, the Chariot provides its passengers with Superb protection from physical attack.
  • Good trample damage - Anyone trampled by the Chariot suffers a Good attack and is stunned for one round. This damage is increased to Great in war mode.
  • Great impale damage - In war mode anyone that the Chariot passes within five feet of suffers a Great impale attack from one of the Chariots many spikes.

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