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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Curse of Crows

It's Friday. Friday the 13th. What better day to write up a nice curse to plague someone?

The Curse of Crows is usually pronounced upon someone as retribution or punishment. It is a subtle curse, causing no direct harm to the recipient. Instead the victim of this curse is followed by crows. Initially there will be one bird in attendance, but each day the victim remains in one location their numbers increase by 1d4. Should they travel a significant distance only a single crow will follow, but others will swiftly gather once a destination is reached.

Crows remain at a distance for the most part, and will nimbly dodge hurled missiles. Area of effect damage can kill the birds quite easily, but they always return. Crows exhibit the following behavior:
  • If the victim is sleeping outdoors they will constantly call to each other, making rest difficult. Should sleep be achieved the victim will awaken to a crow sitting on their gear, their mount, or themselves.
  • Any time the victim enters or leaves a structure the crows will begin cawing and take flight, preparing to follow them.
  • Any building occupied by the victim will be plagued with crows. The bird's constant cawing, scavenging and defecation will make them unwelcome visitors in any civilized area.
  • When a large group has gathered (ten or more crows), they will attack and kill any small animal they find (rodents, birds, small pets) and deposit them as near the victim as possible.
Each day a victim stays in one location there is a 10% cumulative chance the local populace will recognize them as the source of the curse. Once this link is recognized the victim may be shunned, banished or driven away. Each week under the curse's effect there is a 5% cumulative chance the victim will become unstable for one to four days, alternately chasing or hiding from the pursuing crows.
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