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Monday, June 1, 2009

Grim Monday: The Cold Feet Curse

The Curse of Cold Feet is not, as it may sound, cured with a pair of warm boots. The victim of this curse is assailed by doubt whenever they must make a decision. The curse initially affects the victim only when important decisions are before them, but grows over time. Eventually the act of choosing which shoes to wear will become an insurmountable obstacle.

The initial effect of the curse is to cause the victim to doubt any major decision they make. As the power of the curse grows physical effects manifest themselves: sleepless nights, overly cautious behavior, and a shaken demeanor become the norm. The victim becomes less and less sure of themselves as the curse's influence spreads to even minor choices.

  • Hindsight - The victim reviews past choices, wondering if their decision was the correct one.
  • Infinite Delay - Rather than make a decision, choices are delayed. And delayed and delayed.
  • Sleepless Nights - The victim spends their night tossing and turning, mulling over choices past and future. Even the decision to get out of bed and do something useful becomes a momentous choice.
  • Shaken Hands - A choice made, the victim is so nervous in its pursuit that their hand shake uncontrollably.
  • Flip Flopping - Choices made are reconsidered and revised. Decisions last no more than a week, usually less than a day.
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