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Thursday, August 20, 2009


This large, oval amulet hangs from a thick bronze chain. The amulet is cut from a slick black stone that seems to shift and pulse of its own volition. This aspect is enhanced by the subject matter depicted on the amulet, a writhing mass of worm-like creatures, each with a single baleful eye instead of a head. Tiny flecks of ruby decorate the carving but overall the piece has a rather repulsive aspect. If examined for magical properties the item radiates Superb enchantment and alteration magic. An aura of evil surrounds the item. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the powers of the item.

Once per day the item's owner can draw forth one of the worms depicted upon the amulet. This hideous creature can be implanted upon a victim with a successful touch attack, instantly vanishing into the target's body, where it will remain until activated by the amulet's owner. An implanted worm can be detected with a Superb test of divination magic and destroyed with a Superb test of dispel magic. Up to a dozen worms can be active at once. Should the amulet change hands, previously implanted worms remain active, and the new owner instantly knows who they infest.

The owner of the amulet can use an implanted worm to make a Great potency suggestion to the victim. This suggestion reverberates in the victim's mind, requiring a test of resolve to avoid carrying it out each day. Should the target resist, the worm punishes them by culling their worst memories and replaying them over and over in the victim's head. Continued resistance will have a Fair chance of causing some form of mental instability in the victim for each day they resist.

Once the victim carries out the suggestion the worm is consumed. The victim is freed from the compulsion and left to deal with the consequences of their actions. Any mental instability caused by resisting the worm's effects may become permanent if the victim fails to make a Great resolve check.

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