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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quake Sphere

This magical item is a perfectly smooth three inch sphere of orange stone shot through with deep red veins. The sphere's surface is silky, almost slick to the touch, and it weighs heavily in the hand. The sphere is contained within a lambswool lined, black leather bag with a simple drawstring closure. If examined for magical properties the sphere radiates Superb evocation and alteration magic, while the pouch radiates Fair enchantment and divination magic.

The bag's enchantment is rather straightforward. Once attuned the bag will always seek out its owner, by chance encounter or minor enchantment. Those that fall under the enchantment of the bag will not be tempted to examine it or its contents. Instead they will be unwittingly drawn to the bag's destination.

The sphere itself is a much more potent item. Once the proper command word is known (revealed by a Superb test of divination magic), the owner can activate the sphere. Once activated the sphere will spring from its owner's hand and begin to bounce, gaining speed and mass with each impact. The sphere can be directed to strike foes or objects, striking with Great accuracy and deadly force. The sphere's impact has the following progression:

Roundvs. Foevs. Object

After 15 rounds the sphere returns to its owner's hand. Once a target is selected the object's owner is free to carry out other actions, though changing targets requires a round of concentration. The sphere moves at Superb speed, so changing targets (within reason) is instantaneous. The sphere's power can be invoked three times per day.

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