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Monday, August 10, 2009

Torc of the Healer

This neck garb is an elegant, flexible gold band from which hang overlapping rows of delicate leaf-shaped gold scales, each set with a small topaz or emerald. The band itself is shaped to resemble a vine or branch with smooth bark. The piece has Superb value as a piece of jewelry in addition to its magical properties. Legends says there were once five such torcs the gift of a long forgotten healer's deity. The Torc radiates Superb healing magic and Great protection magic. It has the following magical properties:
  • The Great protective magic of the Torc cause blows directed at the wearer to either miss completely or do minimal damage (Great defensive bonus).
  • So long as the wearer is not engaged in combat themselves, any foe must make a Great test of resolve to attack them or choose another foe. Any offensive action on the part of the wearer defeats this protection.
  • The wearer gains a Superb resistance bonus to all forms of disease, poison or other natural maladies.
  • All healing magic performed by the wearer gains a Great potency bonus.
  • Five times per week the wearer can heal a significant malady: blindness, deadly poison, deafness, physical deformity, or other long term affliction.

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