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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Desert Wight

The Burning is a huge desert wasteland, created by the death curse of an ancient evil long ago. The remnants of this curse linger even now, affecting any creature that dies in this place. The remains of those that die by violence in the Burning rise as Desert Wights, undead creatures with a deadly touch and an aura of evil.

Desert Wights appear to be desiccated corpses with pallid gray flesh and glinting black eyes. Their nails and teeth have lengthened and thickened, giving them an almost bestial appearance. Desert Wights hunt down and slay any living creature who's path they cross, expanding their numbers with each newly slain individual.

Desert Wights have the following characteristics:
  • Great toughness and Fair stealth.
  • Fair physical attack with two claws, Good bite attack.
  • Superb resistance to heat and electrical damage.
  • Dread Aura - Anyone coming within 30 feet of a Wight must make a Great test of willpower or be filled with dread for 1d3 rounds, either fleeing in panic or standing frozen with fear. There is a 50% chance anyone struck with dread will drop any held item.
  • Desiccating Touch - Any successful melee attack drains one rank of strength and vitality from the target (Great test of resistance to avoid). Anyone completely drained of strength or vitality is slain. Their remains crumble to dust within six hours, leaving only bones which rise as an undead skeleton under the control of the Desert Wight that drained them.
Desert Wights are inherently evil. They may be affected by holy artifacts or protective devices.

Those slain by violence in the Burning can be prevented from rising as Desert Wights by burning their remains.

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