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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cloud Scribe

Cloud Scribe is a twisted and gnarled oak branch about a foot long. The butt end is wrapped in white-dyed leather, while the tip is set with a small iron meteorite held in place with fine silvery wire. Faint wisps of fog constantly stream from this meteorite. If examined for magical properties the device radiates Superb alteration magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the device's control words.

Cloud Scribe has the following powers:
  • Cloud Call - With this command word the user calls forth masses of dense gray clouds from Cloud Scribe. These clouds pour from the wand, covering a twenty foot diameter sphere the first round, thirty foot diameter the second, forty the third, and so forth. These clouds continue to pour forth so long as concentration is maintained. They completely obscure vision and muffle sound within the area of effect. Vision beyond five feet is difficult, beyond ten feet impossible. Sounds become directionless, and even shouts become whispers at twenty feet. This power can be invoked three times per day.
  • Cloud Scribble - When this power is invoked Cloud Scribe can be used to 'drawn' cloudy, stationary solid shapes in the air. These shapes solidify into tough, porous and resilient objects in one round. Only crude shapes can be formed and the process is too slow to snare a moving creature, but walls, platforms or steps can be constructed. All created objects last one hour and have Superb toughness, though they are very susceptible to electrical damage (Poor resistance). This power can be invoked three times per day, and lasts five rounds. Approximately one object up to ten feet in diameter can be drawn each round.
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