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Friday, July 31, 2009

Dwarf Fist

This somewhat under-sized but heavy war hammer is clearly designed for a Dwarf's shorter stature and reach. The entire item has been shaped from a single piece of bright, silvery metal. The thick, stubby handle has a tight pattern of diamond-shaped grooves cut into it, assuring a firm grip. The pommel has been shaped into a spiked globe. Atop the plain, polished shaft, the hammerhead has been carved to resemble a gauntlet-clad fist, with the 'forearm' thinning to form a rearward facing spike.

If tested for magical properties, Dwarf Fist reveals a veritable kitchen sink of enchantments, including combat, divination, evocation, and charm magic, all of Good quality. A Good test of divination magic is required to reveal each power contained within Dwarf Fist:
  • As expected of a Dwarf weapon, Dwarf Fist has Good bonuses to damage and accuracy. These bonuses rise to Great when facing goblinoid foes.
  • Eye of the Dwarf - When held, Dwarf Fist allows its owner to divine the quality and value of precious objects, including gems, jewelry, and other works of art. This power can be invoked at will, requiring a full round of concentration to allow a Good divination of an item's value.
  • Thunderous Blow - Thrice per day the wielder can call forth a great thunderclap from the weapon. This power will knock back anyone within a ten foot radius of the wielder, and inflict Fair structural damage on nearby construction. This is usually sufficient to blast apart a normal door or gate.
  • Prospector's Point - When invoked this power causes the pointed end of the hammerhead to point toward the nearest treasure within ten miles of the wielder. With concentration the general type and quantity of treasure can be determined (i.e. a vast horde of gold or a small cache of gems). This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Fearsome Aspect - Once per day the wielder can invoke this power to gain a fierce, overbearing appearance for ten rounds. During this time, the wielder gains a Good bonus to all tests of intimidation and hostiles facing the wielder suffer a similar penalty to morale tests.
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