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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Molder's Clay

This substance can be created from the dust that remains when Clay of Perfection dries out and crumbles to dust. It appears as a grayish, malleable solid with a slick, greasy surface. Much like its source, Molder's Clay radiates alteration magic, though its potency is only Great. Unlike Clay of Perfection, Molder's Clay does not dry out and requires no special handling to use. Creating this substance is a Superb test of artifice, and requires a quantity of dried out Clay of Perfection, a tiny amount of Lagra, and mundane clay.

Molder's Clay can be used to create temporary objects. Any non-animate object can be shaped from the clay, and when a command word is spoken the object assumes the characteristics of the modeled object. The quality and duration of the object created depends upon the creator's artistic skill. An Average or Fair artist will create a mundane object with normal characteristics. Good or Great artistry will produce an enhanced item, and so forth. A shaped object lasts one to six hours, again depending on the artist's skill. When an object expires it reverts to Molder's Clay and can be used to shape a new object. If an object shaped from the clay is destroyed, the clay used to shape it is destroyed as well.
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