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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dragonmaw Axe

Calling this heavy weapon an axe is a bit of a stretch, but so it was named. The Dragonmaw, or Serpent's Bite, is a massive two-handed weapon, its haft shaped from the black bones of an ancient dragon, the lower two-thirds covered in fine red dragon scales, forming a pebbled grip. The axe-head is fashioned to resemble the gaping jaws of a dragon. The thick blade is made from a dark metal that glows with a faint reddish light -- sages claim it was quenched in dragon's blood. Set into the cutting edge of the blade are twin rows of dragon's teeth, polished to an ivory sheen and capped with wicked mithril points. The poll of the blade is fitted with a row of dragon's claws creating a straight serrated edge. The Dragonmaw radiates Epic combat, alteration and animation magic, and a Superb test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers and the rite required to bond it to a new owner.

Dragonmaw has the following powers and attributes:
  • Requires Great strength and axe skill to use properly.
  • Superb damage and accuracy bonus.
  • Legendary toughness, making the weapon almost unbreakable.
  • Flesh of the Dragon - When this power is invoked the scales on the weapon's haft slither off and cover the bearer's body, multiplying and spreading to provide Great protection from physical harm, at the same time the weapon becomes welded to the bearer's grasp until the power ends. This power can be invoked thrice per day and lasts 10 rounds per invocation.
  • Blood of the Dragon - The bearer is prone to aggressive behavior, and must make a Fair test of resolve to carry out a passive action when a more aggressive course is available. In battle they are pitiless, refusing to grant mercy if their foe asks for it.
  • Dragon's Bite - The bearer can invoke this power upon any successful melee hit. The weapon's blade animates and bites the target, inflicting Great gaping wounds in addition to normal damage. These wounds bleed for Good damage each round until tended. This power can be invoked six times per day.

To attune the Dragonmaw Axe the owner must bathe in the blood of a newly killed dragon with the axe in hand, and eat a portion of the beast's heart raw.
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