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Monday, July 6, 2009

Grim Monday: Random Jungle Stuff

I spent the morning picking blueberries (Mmmmm blueberries), so I'm not in much of a Grim Monday mood today. Here's a list of random events I wrote up for a jungle trip in an old campaign instead:
  • Snake bite – One party member will be bitten by a snake as they move through the jungle. The snake will be: 1-4 non-poisonous, 5-6 Average poison, 7-8 Good poison
  • Insect Swarm – Group stumbles into a swarm of fierce biting flies. Each member takes Poor damage each round while in the swarm. Running will escape the swarm in 1d8 rounds. Animals will be driven mad by the bites and stings. Each person stung has a 10% chance of being stricken with a disease.
  • Antelope herd – Group of 2d12 antelope. Party can hunt for food.
  • Predator – Encounter with large predator. 1 Tiger, 2 Jaguar, 3 Leopard, 4 Serpent, 5 Crocodile, 6 Carnivorous Apes. Most carnivores will avoid party, but will fight if cornered/pursued.
  • Large enraged herbivore – The party has surprised a large herbivore that will attack blindly. 1 Elephant (1-3) 2 Water buffalo (1-6) 3 Great Ape (3-12) 4 Hippo (2-8). Creatures attack until destroyed.
  • Ape troupe – The party will be pursued by a group of tree dwelling moneys/apes (10-40) who will throw sticks and branches at the group, scream and generally make the party miserable. Clever parties can probably scare them off. The apes will follow the party for 2d8 hours. Party will always be surprised if being followed.
  • Quicksand – Someone has stumbled into quicksand. They will sink in 2d4 rounds (-2 rounds if in metal armor). Must have help to be pulled free.
  • Deep stream crossing – The party must carefully work any pack animals across the stream and swim themselves. Any animal panics on a roll of 1 on a D6. Uncontrolled animals lose one carried item per round uncontrolled.
  • Dense vines and creepers – The party must hack a way through. Double the party’s normal chance of surprise.
  • Large bog – The party encounters a large boggy area. They will take 2d4 hours to travel through it. Each hour of travel there is a 50% chance someone will fall into quicksand.
  • Heavy downpour – Party is drenched by rain. Can refill all water skins if desired. There is a 10% chance per person that a random item will be water damaged.
  • Deep chasm – A deep crevice crosses the party’s path, impassable to pack animals. It is 60% likely the lair of a predator that will be very aggressive if the party enters. A detour will take 1d4 hours.
  • Cliff – A stone face that is impassable to pack animals. Detour will take 1d4 hours. The cliff can be climbed by characters (Climb walls +30%)
  • Snare/Deadfall Trap – 1-3 light snare, 4-5 medium snare, 6 heavy snare. Trap will catch a party member. Light snares do no damage, medium snares do 1d3 damage, heavy snares do 1d8 damage.
  • Pit Trap – A party member will stumble into a pit trap. Take 1d4 damage from the fall. There is a 30% chance of a large enraged herbivore in the trap, 20% chance of a predator.
  • Tribal Marker – The party encounters a tribal marker appropriate to the area.
  • Trail – The party discovers a trail paralleling the nearest watercourse. The trail will be 2d4 miles long before petering out.
  • Corpse – The party discovers a corpse that is 1-3 animal 4-5 human 6-7 unidentifiable 8 Yuan-ti. The corpse will be picked over and bare.
  • Ruin/foundation – The party finds a wood or stone ruin. A search might turn up some remnants of tools or gear. 30% of the found ruins will be dragon statues (Yuan-ti).
  • Campsite – The party finds a recently used tribal campsite. Remains of a fire, markings from sleeping pallets and food scraps are evident. 1-4 human, 5 Orc, 6 Yuan-ti.
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