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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Thorn is a stabbing dagger shaped from a single massive thorn from some gigantic bramble. The broad base of the original thorn has been cut down to form a needle-sharp, slightly curved blade, a flared oval guard inscribed with a pattern of vines and flowers, and a slim textured hilt. If Thorn is tested for magical properties it radiates Great combat magic and Good necromantic magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its powers:
  • Thorn's blade is a sharp as a fine steel needle and almost unbreakable. It has a Great accuracy bonus, and easily finds its way past the toughest armor (ignoring armor bonuses).
  • The wounds inflicted by Thorn bleed for Average damage each round until treated or cured.
  • Entangling Strike - Any successful melee attack made by Thorn while this power is active causes strong, thorn-covered brambles to spring from the wound, completely enveloping the target in one round. These brambles cause Average damage each round and affect the target with a Good penalty on all actions for the duration. Flame applied to the original wound causes the brambles to wither and die. This power can be invoked thrice per day and lasts six rounds. Created brambles last six rounds.
  • Wall of Thorns - Once per day the wielder can inscribe a line upon the ground, causing a wall of dense brambles, ten feet high and wide, to spring forth. The wall can be up to 60 feet long and in any arrangement the wielder desired. Inscribing the line takes one round per 20 feet of length.
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