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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hands of the Alchemist

This item consists of a pair of long gloves sewn from overlapping panels of orange and white silk. The cuffs extend well up the wearer's forearms, and seem to cling like a second skin when the gloves are donned. A spidery mesh of silvery wire is sewn into the palm side of the gloves, extending from fingertips to wrist. The backs of the gloves are decorated with a series of alchemical symbols arranged in a seemingly random pattern. If tested for magical properties the Hands radiate Superb divination and protection magic. A Good test of divination magic will reveal their exact nature. The gloves have the following characteristics:
  • The gloves provide Legendary protection from poisons, acids, magical energies or chemical effects for the covered areas. The wearer could, for example dip their hands into lava, safely handle contact poison, or pour acid over their hand with no ill effects. They do not provide protection from physical force however, so a strong blow can still cause harm to the wearer.
  • The wearer can use the Hands to sense the nature of mundane and magical substances and effects. When this power is invoked the silvery wires glow with violet light and any item handled by the wearer has its nature revealed as if a Superb divination test were accomplished. This divination is limited in that it reveals the nature of an item, substance or magical effect, but not the means of using it. Command words or other means of invoking powers contained within an item are beyond the powers of this divination. This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Once per day the wearer can neutralize a mundane or magical substance. This power neutralizes poisons or acids, removes excess energies from charged materials, and destroys the magical properties of potions or salves. What remains is a dull gray powder that is completely inert. This power affects up to a cubic foot of material per invocation. Note that this power does not affect enchanted items. A magical sword would be unaffected for example, but items such as Molder's Clay, Luma, or Dark Wood would be affected.
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