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Friday, April 10, 2009

Map Hackings: The Beginning

Lately I've been working with Inkscape and Gimp, two freely distributable drawing programs, hoping to improve my mapping skills. The attached map represents a few hours work in Inkscape laying out a multi-layer cavern complex. Writing about non-flat dungeons inspired me to work on something that pushed things both vertically and horizontally.

I'm working on the assumption that this cave complex was originally created by water action. There are three primary levels, the lightest tone top level can be accessed via sink holes at A and B. There are holes / tunnels leading to the lower layers at points C, D, and E. The middle layer has entrances via sinkholes at F, G, and H; and a worked entrance at I, leading to an area that has been shaped by someone or something. Holes / tunnels lead to the lowest level at J, K, and L. A side view of the middle layer would show it as sagging in the middle where massive chamber M forms the core of the complex On the lowest level chambers N and O hold underground lakes, while P is a waterfall leading further down.

This is only a rough layout. Hopefully I can put in some time on this over the weekend to finalize the caves and start marking up gradients, connections, and water. Eventually I'd like to do a side view of this mess too, but I fear my drawing skills aren't up to that yet. In the mean time... enjoy these crude scribblings!
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