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Monday, April 27, 2009

Scarab of the Mind

This ornate beetle-shaped piece of jewelry has a body of delicate hammered gold plates shaped to a mesh of fine platinum wire. Slender platinum antenna and legs give the piece a life-like appearance. The carapace of the depicted scarab is fitted with deep green emeralds and pale moonstones, each piece carefully cut to interlock with its neighbors, forming a smooth contiguous shell. The item radiates Great protection and mental magic, and a Superb test of divination magic will reveal its enchantments.

The Scarab has the following characteristics:
  • Mind Armor - The Scarab provides Great protection against mental domination or mind altering magic. This is a passive ability.
  • Sense Life - With one round of concentration the bearer can sense the presence of life within a 60' radius. This sense reveals the general direction and potency of the life forms. A significant thickness of stone or metal will block Sense Life. This power has Great potency and can be used at will.
  • Read Thought - The bearer can read the surface thoughts of a single creature within sight. Read Thought can be used thrice per day and lasts for three rounds per invocation. A psychically aware creature might be able to sense this power and block it (Great test to detect and resist).
  • Suggestion - The bearer can implant a suggestion in the mind of a chosen target within line of sight. The victim will attempt to carry out the suggestion as if it were their own idea. The target can resist the suggestion (Great test), and will become hostile if suggestions are self-destructive or in complete opposition to its nature. A suggestion lasts until its goal has been accomplished (this can be a very long time for some suggestions).
  • Domination - The bearer can completely dominate a single target within line of sight. The target must resist (Great test) or fall completely under the control of the Scarab's owner. The controller's own body stands idle and unaware while they control their victim. They can use any of the victim's physical abilities, but not spells or other mental abilities. The controller can use any of their own mental abilities or spells, provided all physical requirements can be met by the victim. Self-destructive actions (i.e. jumping off a cliff) grants the victim an additional resist check (Great). If the victim is killed while being possessed the controller falls unconscious for ten rounds. This ability can be used once per day and lasts six rounds.
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