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Friday, April 3, 2009

Seraphim Sword

This two-handed weapon bears only a passing resemblance to a sword. The blade and hilt are fashioned from single feather from a Seraphim's wing. The shaft of the five foot long feather is pure silver, while the vanes are purest white. Near the hilt, downy afterfeathers float in a swirling mass, forming a soft, but impenetrable guard. The entire weapon gleams with a pearly light, warming the surrounding area. The Seraphim Sword is deceptively light, when wielded it seems to float in the bearer's hand.

Attempts to identify the magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Legendary accuracy and damage enhancement.
  • Epic evocation and alteration magic.
  • Epic divine magic.
  • Epic protection magic.
  • The Seraphim Sword radiates good.
The sword has the following powers and abilities:
  • Epic damage and accuracy bonus.
  • Legendary damage and accuracy bonus versus undead and infernal beings.
  • The pearly glow given off by the sword repels undead, infernal beings, and summoned creatures, hedging them away from the bearer (10 foot radius).
  • Heavenly Flare - Thrice per day the bearer may call down a bolt of pure divine energy that strikes everything within a 60 foot radius. Undead and infernal beings within the area suffer Epic damage and are blinded for 3-6 rounds. The bearer and their allies are healed for a Good amount.
  • Seraphim's Wing - Twice per day the bearer can sprout ghostly magical wings, allowing them to fly with Superb speed and skill. The wings last 1 hour.
  • Pure Cutting - When invoked the next blow struck by the blade will release a searing bolt of pure white energy, cutting through any object up to 10 feet in diameter. Mundane objects cannot withstand this blow, though magical items may resist (Legendary toughness test). This power can be invoked once per day.
The Serpahim Sword is semi-sentient, and will only serve a being with whose goals are honorable and good. Inherently evil creatures that attempt to touch the sword will suffer Legendary damage. Those the sword feels are unworthy cannot lift it. Should the blade's bearer be proven unfit, the sword will simply stop working for them.

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