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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mindbender's Girdle

This broad sash-like garment is made from the finest quality deep blue silk with lines of tiny scallop and cowrie shells sewn into the material. Heavy gold tassels decorate each end of the sash, and a pair of larger scallop shells form a buckle-like decoration when the garment is worn. If examined for magical properties the Mindbender's Girdle radiates Superb mental magic and Great protection magic. A Great test of divination is required to unlock its secrets.

The Mindbender's Girdle serves as a sort of reservoir of magical energy that the wearer can use to power the item's own powers. The effect of any magical attack directed at the wearer is automatically reduced by two ranks, the extra energy being absorbed and stored by the Girdle, which can store up to 100 ranks (charges) of energy. Accumulated energy can be used by the wearer to power one of the following abilities:
  • Telekinesis - The wearer can move one or more objects, up to 300 lbs. in total weight. The smaller the object the faster it can be moved. For example the wearer can cause themselves to fly at a Fair speed, use a half-dozen fist-sized rocks as missile weapons, manipulate the mechanism of a lock, or slowly shift a large boulder. This power costs one charge and lasts three rounds.
  • Pyrokinesis - The wearer can raise the temperature in a target object weighing up to 300 lbs. by 25 degrees (F) per round, causing appropriate damage where applicable. This power costs one charge and lasts three rounds (for a total temperature change of 75 degrees). The rate of temperature change can be doubled by doubling the charges spent.
  • Projection - The wearer can project their senses into another being within 100 feet, sensing exactly what the target senses for up to five rounds at the cost of one charge.
  • Shielding - The wearer can shield themselves and anyone within a ten foot radius from detection by mental magic (clairvoyance, telepathy, etc.) This shielding lasts five rounds at the cost of one charge.
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