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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poison's Touch

This item is a very thin ring, formed from wire-thin strands of copper, silver and gold twisted together in a random and chaotic tangle. The copper and silver strands are verdigrised and tarnished, discolorations that cannot be removed. Only the gold strands shine with any sort of luster. If examined for magical properties the ring radiates Great alteration and protection magic, and Superb poison magic. A Great test of divination is required to reveal the ring's powers, which are:
  • The ring magically re-sizes itself to fit whenever it is donned. Once worn it can only be removed by the wearer.
  • The wearer can command the ring to become invisible while it is worn. This ability can be used at will.
  • The wearer gains a Great resistance bonus versus all forms of poison.
  • Poison Touch - Thrice per day the ring grants its owner a poisonous touch attack, inflicting a poison effect on their target. The owner must touch the desired target within four rounds of invoking the power or it fades away unspent. A successful touch attack inflicts the chosen poison on the target unless they make a Great resistance check versus poison. The poison effects can be removed by magical means. The poison types are:
    • Coma - The target falls into a coma-like slumber for 20 minutes, resisting all attempts to wake them.
    • Death - The target takes Superb poison damage each round for ten rounds.
    • Slow - Paralytic poison reduces the target's ability to act. The victim is reduced to one-third their normal actions. Lasts 20 minutes.
    • Degenerate - Slow acting, wasting poison that inflicts Fair damage on the victim once per day. Lasts 30 days.
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