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Friday, June 5, 2009

Soul Lifter

Soul Lifter is a scepter of dark brown wood, ornately decorated with inlaid silver star bursts and topped with a massive tiger's eye globe. The scepter is about two feet in length, and is clearly meant as an ornamental fixture. If examined for magical properties, the scepter radiates Superb enchantment and alteration magic. An Epic test of divination magic will reveal the item's singular power.

Soul Lifter radiates magical energies in a 30' radius, affecting any sentient being within the area of effect that sees the scepter (a Superb test of willpower will resist the effect). Those affected are infected with great feelings of well-being and happiness. Minor pains and injuries are forgotten, as are petty arguments and negative thoughts. These feelings persist for one day. Soul Lifter's owner is immune to the effects of the item.

While Soul Lifter can be a useful tool in the hands of a leader, raising morale and cheering followers, its effects are addictive. Repeated use creates a craving that grows with each exposure. Two or three exposures create a minor desire to fall under the item's influence, a half-dozen turns minor desire to serious craving. The addictive effects fade over time. After two weeks with no exposure the cravings of even the most addictive will have faded to almost nothing.
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