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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mishta's Hands

The mage Mishta specialized in the magic of animation and constructs. His magical Hands are a item that has often been attempted by lesser artificers, but never matched.

The Hands are a perfectly shaped pair of human-sized hands and fore-arms, each ending above the elbow. The 'flesh' of the Hands consists of interwoven layers of steel, ivory, and mother-of-pearl. The nails of each finger are made from silver, as are the terminus ends of the arms, which are flat and featureless. The surfaces of the Hands are polished to a perfect, shining finish. If examined for magical properties, the Hands radiate Epic alteration magic. A Great test of divination will reveal the mechanism of their operation.

Using one of several command words, the owner may do the following with the Hands:
  • Attach - The Hands may be fastened to any non-living surface by placing their smooth base against it and uttering a command word. The Hands bind to the surface with a Legendary strength bond.
  • Detach - This command word frees the Hands from any previously created attachment.
  • Animate - When this command word is uttered the Hands animate, their movements mimicking exactly the movements of the owner's own limbs. While they are animate the Hands take on the appearance of the owner's own limbs down to the finest details (scars, hairs, fingerprints). This power can be invoked at will so long as the Hands are visible to the owner. It lasts so long as the owner concentrates upon the Hands.
  • Guard - The Hands will grasp and hold any moving object that comes within their reach when this command is spoken. The Hands must be attached to a surface for this power to operate. This power can be invoked at will and lasts until the Hands are detached, or a command word is spoken.
The Hands are capable of bearing great weight and grip with the strength of a powerful giant (Legendary strength). They are practically invulnerable to most sources of harm (Legendary toughness).
Other mages have attempted to duplicate Mishta's work. These lesser hands operate in the same manner as the original, but lack the potent strength of grip, attachment, and toughness, at best achieving Great potency in these areas.
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