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Friday, February 19, 2010

Flask of Eternal Wind

The Flask is a large jug-like container made from opaque blue glass. A swirling pattern of gray shapes shift and move along its sides, much like clouds across the sky. A silver metal handle is attached to the neck of the Flask, and a matching silver stopper, set with a single blue sapphire on one side, blocks its mouth. If examined closely, five slim notches are arranged around the Flask's narrow neck. The item radiates Superb elemental magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's enchantments.

The Flask is activated by removing its stopper. The exact power invoked is determined by the alignment of the sapphire decorating its stopper and the notches in its neck. Each notch invokes a unique power:
  • Breeze of the Tropics - When opened the Flask emits a steady breeze of tropical air bearing the scents of a warm beach, sun, sand, and ocean. This breeze continues so long as the Flask is open, and provides sufficient warmth to heat a freezing cold 20 x 20 foot chamber to a comfortable temperature. This power lasts until the flask is capped.
  • Mountain Winds - A cool wind, crisp and refreshing pours from the Flask, scented with pine and snow. This breeze is sufficient to cool a desert-hot 20 x 20 foot chamber to a cool temperature. This power lasts until the flask is capped.
  • Scourge of the Desert - When opened at this setting the Flask emits a howling tongue of sand-laden wind, three feet long. This manifestation can be used as a crude weapon, inflicting Good damage in combat, or as a tool. The force of the wind and the grinding particles of sand are powerful enough to wear through an inch of soft stone or wood each round. Harder substances take twice as long. This power lasts fifteen rounds before the wind dies.
  • Icy Mist - When this power is invoked a cloud of dense, chill mist pours forth from the Flask, covering a 20 x 20 foot area each round. The Flask's owner can position the flask so this mist pours in a specific direction. Within the mist, vision is restricted to a few feet, and surfaces become coated with a slick layer of black ice after three rounds. Any creature traversing such an area has a Good chance of slipping and falling or becoming disoriented. This power lasts up to six rounds, with the mist produced persisting for one hour. Exposure to direct sunlight halves the duration of the mist.
  • Maelstrom of Woe - Opening the Flask at this setting causes a 30 foot radius maelstrom of swirling wind to form within one round. This maelstrom moves away from the Flask's owner at 30 feet per round, sweeping away loose objects, grounding weak fliers, and picking up any sand or soil it crosses, creating a confusing vortex of blinding dust. Anyone within the maelstrom is blinded and takes Average damage as they are battered by flying objects. The maelstrom dies away after fifteen rounds.
Each power of the Flask can be invoked at will, but each usage disables further uses of the Flask for four hours.
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