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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Defensive Gear 2009

This is a summary of all the armor-related articles from 2009. It's part of my project to provide index articles to the blog, making it easier to find useful stuff. Labels are useful, but sometimes a summary is better.
So there you have it, 16 assorted pieces of armor. Since this list is relatively short, and there's some cross-over anyhow, I'll go ahead and list the various clothing items here as well:
That's 11 magical pieces of garb, enough to stock a small closet.

It's kind of fun to go back through the archives and reread some of the old posts I haven't thought about in a while. As with the bestiaries part one and two and the weapons summary, there's some good and bad in this list. I hope you find something useful here.
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