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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Necromancer's Hands

This ghoulish item is a pair of gloves sewn together from strips and patches of human and demi-human skin, a nightmarish blend of smooth unblemished flesh and coarse green hide, each piece sewn into place with rough black thread. The gloves cover the entire hand and wrist of anyone willing to try them on, adjusting to fit any hand, child to ogre sized. The gloves radiate Superb potency necromantic magic, and a faint aura of evil clings to their patchwork flesh.

Anyone brave enough to wear these vile gloves gains the following powers and abilities:
  • Any necromantic magic performed by the wearer gains two ranks of potency.
  • The wearer can control unintelligent undead, and communicate with intelligent varieties. Up to a dozen unintelligent creatures can be given simple orders, while intelligent undead will be favorably disposed toward the wearer unless there is reason for them to be hostile.
  • Necrotic Touch - the wearer can, at will, drain one rank of vitality from any target (melee touch attack required) and convert it to restorative energy, healing an Average wound. Drained vitality is recovered at the rate of one rank per hour, and anyone fully drained dies, then rises from the dead as a zombie under the control of the wielder. Zombies created in this way last until destroyed.
  • Raise Undead - thrice per day the wearer can raise any recent corpse as a skeleton or zombie under their control. Undead created in this way last until destroyed.
Undead created by Necrotic Touch or Raise Undead do not count against the dozen undead that can normally be controlled. Each use of Necrotic Touch or Raise Undead has a 1% cumulative chance of activating the curse of the Necromancer's Hands. The first time the curse is activated, the gloves permanently fuse to the wearer's hands. Each additional use of the triggering powers has a 1% cumulative chance of causing one of the following:
  1. The gloves expand to cover more of the wearer's body. Each time this effect occurs the area covered expands by a palm-sized area.
  2. The wearer gains the ability to control one additional unintelligent undead.
  3. The wearer gains a one rank reaction bonus to all interactions with intelligent undead.
  4. The wearer gains a dependency on Necrotic Touch, requiring one use of the ability each day or lose one rank of vitality.
Curse effects are cumulative. Each time a curse effect is triggered the chance of another happening is reset to 1%. Once the curse is active the gloves can only be removed with a Legendary test of dispel magic or by the death of the wearer. If the wearer is slain they revert to their normal appearance and the gloves are easily removed.

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