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Friday, February 12, 2010

Jar of Wisps

This magic item is a rounded jar of opalescent, milky glass, surrounded by an ornate lattice of shiny, silvery metal. A heavy stopper, made from the same metal and set with a polished chunk of golden amber, is threaded into the jar's narrow neck, creating an air-tight seal. Under the proper conditions the jar seems to glow with an inner, golden-tinged light. The item radiates Great elemental, protection, and summoning magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers.

The Jar is a magical portal to the elemental plane of electricity and light. Each evening, when exposed to the rays of the setting sun, the Jar opens a gateway and calls forth a mindless elemental placing the creature in under the control of the Jar's owner. Each summoned elemental is stored within the Jar, which can hold up to three such creatures, until the lid is removed, releasing the creatures to do the owner's bidding. Once released from the Jar the elementals remain under the owner's control for eight hours, before returning to their own plane of existence. The elementals appear as small globes of pure yellow light, and have the following characteristics:
  • Great flight ability. The elementals are swift and agile fliers, able to stop and turn instantly.
  • Shocking Bolt - The elementals can inflict a jolting energy attack upon anyone within ten feet, inflicting average damage.
  • Illumination - The creatures can brighten or dim their form, creating a light as dim as a match or as bright as a good lantern.
  • Hypnotic Dance - The elementals can move in a hypnotic pattern which is capable of beguiling anyone looking at it (Good test of will to avoid being ensnared). Those affected mindlessly follow the elemental, enchanted by the desire to capture and hold the glimmering lights.
The elementals are weak combatants, Having only Mediocre defenses and Poor toughness. They are immune to mundane weapons, but susceptible to magical attack. If destroyed their mundane manifestation bursts into a globe of electrical energy which inflicts Good damage on anyone within ten feet.
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