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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shield of Spinning Discs

This heavy round shield is made from a brilliantly polished silvery metal, etched with a repeating pattern of three discs arranged in a triangular pattern. The shield's large, flat boss is made from gleaming copper, which is, in turn, set with three discs of silvery metal that match the shield's primary material. The shield radiates Great combat and alteration magic, and a Great test of divination will reveal its enchantments.

When wielded in battle the three silver discs in the center of the shield begin glowing, detach themselves from the shield boss, and whirl around the bearer's head in a dizzying pattern of reflected light. The person so protected gains the following benefits:
  • All attackers suffer a three rank penalty when targeting the protected individual, their aim distracted by the shifting pattern of polished metal.
  • The spinning discs reflect up to three ranks of damage from any magical attack. Reflected energies are directed back at the caster. Any remaining damage affects the target as usual.
  • The shield bearer can command the discs to strike at one or more targets within 30'. Anyone struck by a disc suffers Fair physical damage, and is blinded for six rounds. Each disc must score a normal melee attack (as the shield bearer) and the victim can make a Good test of resistance to avoid the blindness effect. The shield bearer loses the discs' defensive characteristics while they are attacking. The discs can be commanded to attack up to six times per day.
Discs can be targeted by attacks or spells. Each has Fair toughness and requires Great accuracy to hit. Any disabled disc returns to the shield and becomes inactive for one day.
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