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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Slayers

These elemental creatures of crystal and ice inhabit chill wastelands and icy caverns. They are roughly humanoid, ten or more feet tall, with slender crystalline bodies that shimmer with faint internal light. Veins of bluish-green liquid flow and pulse beneath the surface of their icy flesh, and three to seven bright purple sparks of light dot their heads, serving as the creature's eyes. When they move Ice Slayers emit a faint squeaking sound, like snow underfoot on a clear and cold night.

Ice Slayers are generally hostile, though they can be compelled to service with appropriate spells (a Superb test of compulsion magic). They normally spend vast amounts of time gathered in clusters, joined in a semi-aware communal state, appearing as nothing more than spires and spikes of ice. When roused they are fierce foes, employing deadly tactics and capable of both mundane physical assault and icy magical attacks.

Ice Slayers have the following characteristics:
  • Great toughness - their icy flesh is exceedingly difficult to damage. Slashing and crushing weapons are reduced in effectiveness by two ranks, Piercing weapons are able to exploit narrow crevices and cracks in their form and do normal damage.
  • Elemental resistance - Ice Slayers have Superb resistance to all forms of elemental damage, save fire, which they are vulnerable to (Mediocre resistance). Water- or cold-based attacks actually heal one rank of damage per attack.
  • Watery Regeneration - When in contact with water (liquid or frozen) Slayers regenerated one rank of damage every three rounds.
  • Ice Weapons - Slayers can form razor-sharp weapons made from magical ice in a single round. These weapons inflict Good damage, and chill the target, slowing it for 1d2 rounds with each successful attack. Typical weapons include swords, axes and spears.
  • Icy Rain - Ice Slayers can surround themselves with a storm of bitterly cold, freezing rain, which coats any surface with an icy glaze in a single round. Movement rates for normal creatures within the affected area are halved, and there is a 10% chance per round that a combatant will loose their grip on their weapon or their footing. Icy Rain can be summoned three times per day and lasts ten rounds per summoning.
  • Ice Lance - All Ice Slayers can summon a magical lance of ice which they can launch at any target within 120'. This lance travels in a straight line toward the target, striking anyone in its path for Great cold damage. Those struck must make a Good resistance check or be frozen to the ground for 1d4 rounds.
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