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Monday, February 22, 2010

Crown of Flames

This artifact is a slender band of gold encrusted with glittering points of light reflected from deep red rubies and gleaming yellow topaz. The Crown has a flowing, almost natural form, and there are no tool marks or maker's seals in evidence. Three flames dance across the many low points that adorn the crown, giving the item an eerie reddish cast.

The Crown radiates Superb elemental magic, and is clearly an artifact of the elemental plane of fire. It radiates heat strongly enough to cause a one rank of burn damage to anyone that touches it. Only one brave enough to don the Crown will unlock its powers. Anyone placing the Crown upon their head is instantly attuned to the device and granted complete knowledge of its powers and abilities. Once the Crown is attuned to a living being it remains attuned until the owner is slain. Anyone attempting to attune the Crown while its current owner is alive suffers one rank of burn damage per round of contact.
  • Flame Immunity - The Crown grants complete immunity to fire-based damage, including the Crown itself. This immunity extends to any possessions worn or carried.
  • Dancing Flames - Once donned the three flames dancing across the Crown's points brighten and rise above the wearer's head, becoming intense, foot-high flames. These fires provide illumination equivalent to a good lantern and bathe the wearer in comfortable warmth. The bearer can, at will, command these flames to shoot forth and strike any target within 15 feet, each inflicting a Fair damage burn when they strike home.
  • Aura of Fire - The wearer can, at will, engulf themselves in an aura of living flame. This aura does Good fire damage to anyone within 5 feet, igniting flammable materials in a single round of contact. All melee attacks carried out by the wearer gain two ranks of fire damage in addition to their usual effects.
  • Elemental Awe - The wearer can communicate with elemental beings of all sorts. Unintelligent fire-based elementals will instantly follow the wearer's commands, while intelligent fire-based beings will resent the wearer for possessing such a potent artifact of fire. Other elemental beings will react normally, though intelligent beings will tend to be resentful.
Edit: Stupid broken scheduler. This was supposed to be scheduled for the 26th...

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