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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 2009 Bestiary - Part Two

Part One can be found here. The bestiary is a wrap up on all the creature articles from last year. Each article is referenced with a direct link and brief description for easy browsing. Tags are good, but sometimes a quick list is a good thing. Here are the rest:

  • If you're decorating a wizard's tower, Living Drapes might be just the thing.
  • Storm Swallows are constructed creatures with a shocking punch.
  • The lowly Muck Worm is an underestimated dungeon pest.
  • My own take on Mud Men, minor elementals with a thirst for the life energies of living creatures.
  • Insidious Plants introduces a variety of flora that aren't really creatures in the usual sense.
  • The parasitic Mind Eaters are a threat to sanity and intelligence.
  • Sun Gliders are a pretty basic desert predator. Hey not everyone can be a super-monster.
  • If you need a predatory plant for a swamp, Strangler Moss might be just the thing.
  • And if you need a creature for the river that feeds the swamp, there are Giant Hellgrammites.
  • Parachute Spiders are a lurking jungle predator.
  • The Saguaronid is a plant-based desert dwelling carnivore.
  • The Screwfish is a threat to unwary ocean swimmers.
  • Need a guardian for a sandy tomb or beach front temple? Sand Constructs might be a good fit.
  • Revenant Spiders are deadly necromantic hunters.
  • The Door Haunts are extra-dimensional creatures suitable for a weird horror setting.
  • Why populate the forest when the entire forest is a living Shadow Wood?
  • When is a ghoul not an undead? When it's a Jungle Ghoul.
  • The Drone Swarm is a step up from the average cloud of summer mosquitoes.
  • The floating Sea Star is a potential threat to any passing ship.
  • Shade Flock http://rpgdump.blogspot.com/2009/10/shade-flock.html is a manifestation of the plane of shadow.
  • The lowly Mageworm is a magical pest with a big appetite.
  • The Desert Wight is a potent undead foe.
  • The Eye of the Demon is an artifact manifested by the Watcher with a Thousand Eyes.
If my count is right, and I managed to actually catch every creature post from the last year, these two articles cover 41 different creatures. There are a few stinkers in there (every bestiary needs its Flumph!) but on the whole I'm fairly pleased with most of these. I hope you find something useful for your own gaming here. If you do, please drop me a comment, I love to hear about anyone making use of these humble offerings. Good gaming!

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