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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Items

I ran across this list while reviewing some old campaign materials. These magic items were pulled from a random treasure table for a group of Yuan-ti the party was likely to run into. The setting is a mix of temperate to tropical climates, the adventure mostly outdoors.
  • Amulet of Preservation - All items carried by the wearer are protected from normal wear and tear. Rain, damp, heat, etc. will not cause damage to equipment. Items also gain a one rank bonus to resistance checks versus regular damage.
  • Tiger Claw Necklace - The wearer of this primitive charm can leap up to 30 forward or to the side, or 20 feet back as a free action. This power can be used three times per day.
  • Jade Bracelet - When worn this token grants a three rank bonus to any resistance check versus poison. Each time the item affects a test there is a 5% chance it shatters, its magic spent.
  • Helm of Bolts - This steel helm is set with a single amethyst in the brow. When the wearer is engaged in combat the helm will randomly shoot forth a bolt of lightning, striking up to four opponents for Good damage. There is a 5% chance per round of a bolt shooting forth, and no more than 3 bolts per day will be generated.
  • Skeletal Hand - A partially mummified skeletal hand. When held aloft it causes 1d6 rounds of fear to anyone within 30 feet save the wielder. Requires a Good test of willpower to resist.

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