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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hound Touch

This magical amulet appears to be a simple tube-shaped whistle made from polished brass with silver fittings. There are three leaping hunting hounds engraved along the whistle's length, and a threaded plunger fitted to the end of the device allows the user to alter the note played, with three tiny notches indicating its settings. A silver ring fitted to one end is attached to a thin brass chain about 30 inches long, making it easy to wear this item around one's neck.

Hound Touch is magical in nature, radiation Good charm and enchantment magic. A Good test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers. The whistle can be played up to six times per day, the effect achieved by playing it is determined by which setting the device's plunger is set to.
  • Enrage - The wearer causes up to six canines within 90 feet to become enraged, attacking the nearest target by whatever means available. Affected beasts will act as a pack, choosing single target to attack, selecting a new target if the first falls. The wearer will never be targeted by the enraged canines. This effect lasts ten rounds and can be resisted with a Great test of Will.
  • Flee - When this note is played, any canine within 60 feet will flee from the player at maximum possible speed. When the effect expires there is a 50% chance the beasts will immediately return to whatever they were doing before they were forced to flee, a 25% chance they will continue to move away from the player, and a 25% chance they will return with hostile intent. This effect lasts ten rounds and can be resisted with a Great test of Will.
  • Track - When this note is played, a single canine within 30 feet can be commanded to track a single target.  The user must have some item bearing the scent of the creature to be tracked. The hound will follow the scent using its normal senses so long as Hound Touch's user continues to play at least once per ten rounds.
To attune Hound Touch, it must be worn by the owner for a full week. At the end of this period all three main powers of the device become available. After wearing the item for one month the wearer will attract a canine familiar. This beast will be utterly loyal to the device's owner, obeying his or her every command. The exact nature of the beast should be determined by the locale and the nature of the campaign in progress. The beast will not suffer the effects of age, though it may be harmed by other means. Should the familiar be slain Hound Touch will immediately lose its attunement to its current owner. The device can be attuned again, but the time required for a new familiar to arrive is doubled with each familiar death.


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