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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Demon Tail Spaulders

This set of shoulder armor is made from a series of lames, each fashioned from the same dull brassy metal enameled with a chaotic webbing of deep red lines that shift and slither as the wearer moves. On the uppermost lame on each shoulder these lines swirl together around a horn-like protrusion that juts up and away from the wearer's neck. The Spaulders radiate Great protective and combat magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal their powers and abilities. Despite their name, the Spaulders do not radiate evil.

When worn the Spaulders have the following characteristics:
  • Great bonus to physical defense, when worn with additional pieces of armor the swirling red lines extend to cover all pieces in a shimmering network of red energies, enhancing the protection gained from all worn armor.
  • Each time the wearer is struck by a physical blow, the Spaulders absorb one rank of damage inflicted. After absorbing six ranks of damage the Spaulders sprout their Demon Tails (below).
  • Demon Tails - The spikes on either spaulder come to life, growing into whip-like tentacles with a ten foot reach. Each Tail is tipped with a razor-sharp spine capable of piercing armor with ease. Each Tail carries out a Good accuracy melee attack on a random target within ten feet of the wearer, inflicting Good damage with each blow. The Tails remain active for one round per rank of damage absorbed by the armor, with additional damage absorption extending their life span. Note that the Tails do not distinguish friend from foe. If multiple targets are in range determine the chosen target randomly. The Tails continue to strike blows even if the Spaulders' wearer is knocked unconscious or slain.

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