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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Crossbow of the Black Crow

This heavy crossbow features a stock of rich burled wood tinted with black stain that reveals its intricate grain patterns. The bow and trigger mechanism is made from blackened steel, which glistens with an unearthly sheen. The bow string is a strand of brassy metal that merges seamlessly with the bow ends. The arms of the bow are inscribed with fine lines that form a faint pattern of widespread wings. The stock is plain, decorated only by the natural patterns of the wood. If examined for magical properties the Crossbow of the Black Crow radiates Great alteration and combat magic and Good divination magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's magical properties:
  • The Black Crow functions as a Great quality weapon, receiving Great bonuses to both accuracy and range.
  • The Crossbow is self-loading. It fires magical quarrels that inflict normal damage, then vanish after striking their target. The Crossbow reloads itself instantly, and can be fired once per round.
  • Crow Bolt - The wielder can fire this special shot at will. Once launched the bolt sprouts wings and begins circling. The wielder can direct the flight of this bolt, which moves at Great speed. They can also observe the area around the Crow Bolt simply by closing their eyes and concentrating. The bolt will remain aloft so long as desired, though it will never stray more than 1 mile from its controller. The other functions of the Crossbow are lost while the Crow Bolt is in flight.
  • After possessing the Black Crow for at least one month, the owner gains a crow familiar. This creature will share knowledge and senses with its owner, serving as guard, spy or scout. Should the familiar be slain it is permanently lost until the Crossbow changes ownership.
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